Points & Redemptions

Adding points to your card

“Get rewarded for doing the things you love”

The dynamic points system of PLUG allows customers to earn points on the go, wherever they go. An affiliate may choose one or several ways to reward their customers based on the flexibility that PLUG offers. Accumulated points can be used to make purchases or used with purchases on the PLUG website or at the affiliates place of business in. 

Get rewarded for

Doing the things you love.

Using your PLUG card
visitation and purchase
Visitation & Purchase Frequency
PLUG coupon
Redeeming coupons
Making online purchases
Customer feedback
Leaving reviews
upload images
Uploading memories from events and experiences
Social Media Sharing
birthday cake
Celebrating your birthday

Types of Rewards

Accumulating a certain number of points or stamps from an affiliate may automatically trigger any of these types of Rewards…

Special coupons

Dollars Off

Percentages off

Gift Items


Extra Perks

and much more

“Earn points in store or on the PLUG platform”

When do you earn points?

With PLUG there are several ways to earn points that will reward you for being a loyal customer to an affiliate. PLUG makes it easy to earn points, check your points balance and to spend accumulated points with your favourite affiliates or on the PLUG platform when the time is right.  Points can be added manually by the affiliate or given automatically when using your PLUG cards.


“Be notified when points are ready to use”

Earn points by


Total Visits

Single or multiple rewards are given for the number of times you have visited a store and used a service. For example, purchase 10 meals and get the 1 free or collect 5 stamps and get $500 off, collect 10 stamps and get 2 free appetizers.

Specific Purchases

Buying from a specific product/service category. For example, buying seafood gives 20 points instead of 10.


Dollars Spent

Base level points are earned at different affiliate locations with every purchase you make, or you can get extra/double or triple points for buying special selected products. For example, earn $1 for every $10 spent, etc.

plug platform

Using the PLUG Platform

Points are given whenever you make purchases online, leave a review, upload memories and for sharing on different social media platforms.

birthday cake

Special Occasions

Get automatic points or double points when you are celebrating special occasions like a birthday or an affiliate related event.

“Your PLUG points never expire”

How to redeem points

Points can be redeemed in store or on the PLUG Platform.

Depending on the points system of the affiliate, accumulated points can be used to pay for products/services, to assist with a purchase or to redeem special rewards.