Coupons & Global Offers

How do i claim coupons

Claiming a coupon to use at a future transaction is made easy. Once a coupon is claimed it goes straight to your account and to your PLUG membership card.

  1. Log into your PLUG account.
  2. Find your favourite affiliate to view their coupons or “view all” on the coupon page to see the different coupons available.
  3. Select Coupon by tapping/ clicking on the “Get it Now” button.
  4. Read the coupon details and the terms and conditions, click/tap the “Add Coupon” button.
  5. Select “Apply” if you want the coupon and “Cancel” if you don’t want it.
  6. Visit your favourite affiliate and show them your PLUG card when you are ready to redeem your coupon.

If you don’t have your card; not to worry a QR code is created every time you claim a coupon. Just click on your profile and swipe left to find your coupons.

What is a global offer

Global Offers are coupons that are automatically added to your card without the need to log in and claim the coupon.

How do I Redeem a Global Offer?

All you have to do is visit the affiliate’s location and show them your card when you are ready to redeem the coupon. If you don’t have a card you can log in to your plug account and show them your offer QR code.