Loyalty Programs

Types of Loyalty Programs

The success of your loyalty program depends on how and what you want to reward your customers for. Due to the flexibility of PLUG customers can be rewarded for simple actions of leaving a review on PLUG to making purchases in-store. Any of these actions can be fit into any of the following loyalty programs in a variety of ways. PLUG is designed as a platform that offers Hybrid Loyalty Programs options which uses a combination of two or more types of loyalty programs which may include a mixture of points based and tiered based or point based and stamp outs loyalty programs.

Points Based

This is the most widely known type of loyalty reward. With our innovative tools we can help you create a points-based program where your customers can earn points for doing actions that positively affect your business. With PLUG you can determine the value of each point, for example every 1-point value $1, as well as the option for these points to be used to purchase items in store. Or, determine what set number of points can give a customer and reward them after they have gained that set number of points, for example 100 points gets you 20% off and 200 points gets you 30% off. Points can be manually or automatically added to a customer’s account depending on how you choose to implement this loyalty module. For this program to be effective it is important that the conversion rate from points to cash ($) is easy for customers to understand, and customers know what the value of a point is, and how they can be used once they reach certain levels.

“the more points you have greater the rewards”

Tiered Based

With our tiered system, each customer you add to your loyalty program on the PLUG Organizer app falls into one of our membership categories of Classic, Gold and Platinum. You and your team can choose which membership category each of your customers falls into based on the criteria you have established. It may be dependent on how often they visit your business, the number of services they use per visit, the amount of money they have spent at your establishment, etc. Knowing your customers and their behaviour will allow for easy segmentation within each tier. PLUG enables you to create extra perks, coupons and rewards that are distinct between each membership.

“Paired with other loyalty types like points based your customers depending on their membership type are rewarded differently for having the same number of points.”

Digital Stamp Outs

This method of loyalty program rewards customers based on a specified number of activities they have accomplished over a period of time such as, buying 5 items and getting the 6th free. Basically, stamps are given for actions you want to reward you customers for. With PLUG you have the power to select the number of stamps you want to give before a customer is eligible for a reward. Because customers already have enough clutter in their wallets and they always forget their paper cards, paired with the fact that they look at their phone at least 200 times a day this loyalty option is perfect to give customers that personalized touch as well as convenience and variety.

Implementing your loyalty program

With PLUG it is extremely easy to implement any one or a combination of our mentioned loyalty programs.

  1. The first step in implementing your loyalty program is to apply to have your affiliate membership vetted and approved. After which you will have access to your PLUG Access account on which you can start creating coupons, deals and extra perks that your customers will have access to.
  2. The 2nd step is to on-board or otherwise add new and existing customers to the PLUG Platform via the PLUG Organizer App or via manual upload of your existing customer database by our designated PLUG Team.
  3. Once your customers are added or are in the process of being added, you can select what actions you want to reward customers for. Click here to see what customers can be rewarded for.
  4. Then you have to determine the value set for each point or the number of stamps a customer can get before they are rewarded.
  5. If you are utilizing the points system, you can apply the number of points to each action that you want to reward. The module is available to apply points whenever you are creating a coupon or creating an event/deal; this way points are automatically added to customer accounts whenever they purchase the deal or redeem your coupon.
  6. Monitor customer reviews and rating, memory uploads, coupon usage, deal purchases and manually add points if you deem it necessary.

What Are Customers Rewarded For

PLUG loyalty module offers an astounding amount of variety that can recognize and reward any desirable behaviors or customer interactions that you want.

You can reward your loyal customers for any of the following.

  • When they are supporting your business during slow periods.
  • How often they visit your place of business
  • When they make purchases that are over a certain dollar amount.
  • When they purchase certain products, you are trying to move quickly.
  • When they make any purchase
  • Redeeming your PLUG coupon
  • Interact with your brand on the PLUG platform: leaving reviews and ratings, uploading memories, etc.
  • For engaging with your brand on social media.
  • For referring new customers.

How Does It Work For In-Store Transaction


Many loyalty programs use points as their currency due to its flexibility and power to drive desirable consumer behaviour, namely frequent visits and increase spending. Not only does PLUG allow you to give points on the platform, it allows for a more interpersonal approach in-store.  Once a customer walks into your space with their PLUG card and does a transaction they are eligible to earn points or to receive a stamp out. This is made easy with the PLUG Organizer App designed to increase in-store customer interaction.

“The more personalized the experience; the more loyal your customers become.