“A new normal, requires a new approach”

While we prepare for the new norm to stabilize and social gatherings are extended beyond the current limit Event PLUG is the premier cutting-edge tool on which event organizers create, manage and execute small to large scale events. Event PLUG surpasses its competitors in all categories of security, creativity and flexibility and helps you adjust and elevate your event in an already competitive industry.

“Stay ahead of the game to stay in it”

How do we help Event organizers?


Ticket Printing

Create single and multi day events with different ticket category options for customers to choose from.


Safe & Secure Tickets

Keep fraudulent ticket activities at a minimum with secure E-ticketing options as well as physical printing of tickets with key security features that keeps duplication rate at 0%.



Track ticket sales more efficiently and effectively.



Safe and reliable ticket redemption options for both online and offline internet connection from our user-friendly PLUG Organizer app.


Event Promotion

Promote events across social media and print media with promoter unique QR codes.


Customer Awareness

Break apart your customers and re-target them based on the entertainment they enjoy. Create additional perks and coupons and tie them to your event for various levels of your customer database.