PLUG - Premium Lifestyle Unlimited Gains

What’s the PLUG?

What, Who, Where, When …

  • WHAT is the P.L.U.G?- P.L.U.G stands for Premium Lifestyle, Unlimited Gains. This innovative new platform is a loyalty program that connects our users with experiences of a lifetime by providing exciting and unique deals across more than 15 different industries and ensuring that our members gain as much value as possible.


  • WHO can join the P.L.U.G?- Our membership structure has different levels, Classic, Gold and Platinum. The levels are determined based on their monthly spending habits for engaging these services or products. Each tier comes with amazing perks that the regular customer cannot access. Our aim is to add value to all our customer’s experiences and make them feel special every time they take out their PLUG card.


  • WHERE can I sign up for the P.L.U.G?  You can be on-boarded as a member through the list of top tier businesses on the island OR you can visit our site and submit a membership request. Our support teams will review and respond to you ASAP.


  • WHEN can I access these great deals on the P.L.U.G? – The PLUG goes live to our customers on October 10th and once we do, you will be able to access all our experiences and amazing deals 24/7/365  on with the click of a button.